Today Wasn’t Perfect

This note today is from Kevin Gianna from! I was reading his blog which I get by email and thought, “Wow, I can relate to this!”

Some of my friends and relatives have been inspired by Mel and Tom’s “wacky, eating raw thing”. Some of you have been with us personally and have seen that we have lost about 30 pounds and Tom’s skin psoriasis has almost disappeared.

So, we know that eating raw works! The problem is – it’s really different from the way our mothers fed us growing up and the way most of society eats right now. You will not see many raw food commercials during the super bowl!

So, even though we know the truth, we also struggle and our days can sometimes go like the scenario Kevin shares below.

After you pulled out the blender, you realized
you didn’t have enough bananas to make your
smoothie and the strawberries that had been in
the fridge had grown a coat of white mold

Instead, you had a cup coffee to wake you up.

You didn’t pack your salad and flax crackers
for work because you left early to avoid
traffic for your 8:30 AM meeting.

Instead, you ate some sushi and a little
tempura at a Japanese restaurant around to
corner from the office.

There was a birthday party for a co-worker in
the afternoon that you hadn’t mentally
prepared for. You were having the 3:00 blues
because you missed breakfast and had that
coffee in the morning.

Instead of having the willpower you usually
do, you figured a little sugar would pick you
up, so you had a piece of ice cream cake
(heaven knows what was in it — you were too
frightened to look at the label.)

Because of the birthday party, you had to stay
later to finish a report that was due the next

Instead of your usual almond and apple
afternoon snack, you had another cup of coffee.

When you got home, you were frazzled. Your
friend from out of town was coming over in 20
minutes. You wanted to make that vegan, quinoa
dish with the almonds and the vegetables from
the farmer’s market, but it was after 7:00 PM.

Instead, you ordered take out from the Thai
restaurant and ate it at 9:00 PM – two hours
after you experts say you shouldn’t eat.

Since your friend was in town, you didn’t
drink the 1/2 your body weight in water.

Instead, the catching up turned into a few
more glasses of wine than usual.

Now, your friend has left and it’s the end of
the day.

You find yourself lying in bed — with a slight
headache — feeling guilty. Nothing went as
planned. You blew it — your diet, your
willpower, your confidence in yourself.

Today wasn’t perfect.

But, lucky for you, tomorrow can be different.

You’re allowed as many reboots as you need –
until you get it right.


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