Are You In My Tribe?

I was reading another blog post about finding your tribe, those people with whom you resonate, who think and act in a similar manner as you do. First of course, you have to ask yourself, “What resonates with me? What excites me and makes me feel alive?” It takes a bit of introspection.

I love traveling. It’s not the mode of transportation, the airplanes, trains or vehicle that I enjoy. Sometimes that is the worst part! It’s the straining forward in the seat to see what is around the bend. I love that. I’m just curious. It’s getting out to see how other people live, what they eat, how they play, what and how they celebrate. It’s the joy of walking where they walk and seeing from a new perspective. That is so interesting to me.

I also love home, but it’s not an expansive mansion for me. I’m a cottage person, warm, tidy and cozy. I love tiny homes, hobbit holes or weird and exotic havens, filled with family laughing, talking and cuddling!

I love books, all kinds, well, most kinds, fact or fiction. I love to curl up in a comfy nook with a book and a green apple. There I travel to distant realms. I know that if actual travel ever becomes impossibly uncomfortable, I can still go to all the places I dream of in books. I love to read aloud to children and watch their eyes dance.

I love nature. Walking in the rain, strolling in the New England autumn colors, waterfalls, rivers, the oceans and beaches. Who couldn’t just gaze at these things and be mesmerized by the glory! I just can’t do HEAT – I need the shade!

I get restless easily. After I uncurl from my book reading, I need to move. I rearrange furniture, go bike riding, plan a trip, draw out a design for a house or a garden or a chair. Something creative and new. I go visit my grandchildren – that usually takes care of any excess energy I need to burn off!

So, to which Tribe do I belong? I couldn’t find one, so I decide to invent one. I’m calling it the KISS Tribe. That’s the Keep it Super Simple Tribe. It could be Supremely Simple or Seriously Simple – but I think that’s my Tribe.

Two sayings that have always followed me throughout my life are:

1. Live simply so others may simply live.

2. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

They fit me like a favorite pair of shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for entrepreneurial endeavors, earning a comfortable living, affording your dreams and success. Just remember that success isn’t the same for everyone. The businesses we start or jobs we accept won’t look or run the same as others. The material possessions we care about won’t be identical. I have a pair of flip flops that I bought newly married;  they have traveled the world with me and are still going strong. New isn’t always better.

Keeping it simple for me means living life at your own pace. It means enjoying time with family and friends. It means sharing good books and having the time it takes to master new skills.(I have just begun piano lessons and it requires practice!) It means reading when you feel like it or being super active when you feel like it. And, not feeling guilty when you are not doing either!

I have learned from my mistakes and feel like that is my new mission in this season of my life – reminding people to keep things simple. Don’t over complicate your life. In this day and age when people are encouraged to do it all and feel totally stressed out, I am here to say don’t do it all, do every thing you want, one thing at a time. Take your time, breathe, look up and enjoy the process.

So, if you want to join my KISS TRIBE, you are welcome. We can encourage one another to Keep It Super Simple. We can absolve one another from undeserved and unnecessary guilt.  We can remind one another that life does not need to be complicated. We can share the blessings of friendship, family and fun. That’s my kind of tribal success!

Sending my love,


P.S. There are no requirements to join. If you want in, you’re in! If you want to let me know, you can, but like I said – there’s no requirement!


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One of my many titles is "writer". I blog because I am. I love to help people and employ innovative ideas that improve everyday life! Two life sayings have stalked me for years; one is "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.". Another is "Live simply so others may simply live." I am married to Mr. Fix-It. He enjoys repairing anything broken. Thus, we make a good team. We share a passion for God, our beautiful family, learning, gardening, helping others. We love to exchange ideas.

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