Weebles Wobble, but We Don’t Fall Down

That old commercial. “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down” used to tickle me. My toddlers played with them. I never imagined that I would become one. It is nearly as painful to admit verbally as it has been to experience physically that I started 2016 as a Weeble.

In 2015 I had a desk job.  It doesn’t matter if you are good at your work, if you love your co-workers, if you believe in the ‘product’ – sitting at a desk for the majority of your day and staring at a computer screen is NOT good for your health.  It does NOT help a person thrive physically.

So, although 2015 was actually a wonderful year in many ways, – lucrative, intellectually challenging, filled with friends, family and some travel – it was not a healthful year. Therefore, my husband and I decided that in 2016 we would make health a priority. Because after all, if you haven’t got your health….

We wanted to throw ourselves into a program, but we couldn’t! We have always loved sports, especially tennis, racquetball, and biking! Our bodies, however, were in protest mode!  My left knee totally vetoed the fast twisting motions required by tennis and racquetball!  My husband’s job required a lot of heavy lifting and repetitive motions, so by the end of a day his sore muscles and bruised ligaments screamed, “Enough already!”

So, in the beginning we just limped to the stop sign at the end of our street and back – 2/10 of a mile! We looked like Grandpa and Grandma Weeble. We rocked side to side, hanging onto each others arms. We barely made it back, crawled up the three stairs to our front door and went in to take a nap.

Each day we committed to going a little farther! Around day 4 we drove to a trail and walked 4 miles. It took about 4 hours! That’s a pretty slow pace when you consider some people have broken a 4 minute mile!  We drove home and it took nearly as long to get out of the car and crawl into the house. Yet, we challenged each other to continue. Sometimes there was a pain in my heel that would not go away until we were two miles into the walk!  Another time we walked the last two miles in the rain!

I am thrilled to tell you that WALKING WORKS! Simply walking. Just putting one foot in front of the other. Just moving forward! We are just 12 days into our commitment, but we already feel things changing.  We have not lost all the weight we need to lose. We have not been perfect on our raw-food-only eating plan. We have not done stretching exercises or yoga.(yet)  We even took one day off from our commitment to walk while we re-tiled our kitchen counter.

This morning, on our 3 mile neighborhood walk, we noticed that we aren’t wobbling as much!  We are walking a little more like humans. Instead of the side to side motion, we are standing straighter and moving forward, so our pace is a bit faster.  Pain has noticeably decreased.  The knee twinges less.  The heel stops pulling after only a half a mile.  My husband is 10 pounds lighter – me only 5. Yet, any improvement is significant improvement and we are encouraged!